BC Fair PharmaCare

Fair PharmaCare Plan

We encourage all Members living in British Columbia with Medical Services Plan (MSP) coverage to register for Fair PharmaCare.  Many residents of BC do not realize that once your family has met your Fair PharmaCare annual deductible, PharmaCare pays 70% of the cost of your Fair PharmaCare eligible drug expenses for the balance of the calendar year.

Coverage under Fair PharmaCare is based on family net income. It is available to single people or to families*.

* Your “family” includes you and, if you have one, your spouse. Dependent children on the same Medical Services Plan (MSP) contract as you or your spouse will receive Fair PharmaCare coverage as part of your family.

Haven’t registered yet? Coverage begins immediately if you register by phone or online. There is no charge to register and there are no premiums to pay.

BC Fair PharmaCare covers a comprehensive list of drugs and medical supplies, including:

It is important to note, that not all prescription drugs are eligible under Fair PharmaCare.  ONLY THOSE DRUGS WHICH ARE ELIGIBLE under Fair PharmaCare COUNT TOWARDS YOUR CALENDAR YEAR DEDUCTIBLE with Fair PharmaCare.  Therefore it is very important that wherever possible, you request that your physician prescribe the Fair PharmaCare eligible drugs so that they can count towards your deductible.

Who is Eligible for Fair PharmaCare?

To be eligible for Fair PharmaCare, you must have:

  • valid BC Medical Services Plan (MSP) coverage; and
  • filed an income tax return for the relevant taxation year (that is, two years ago).

If you have not filed an income tax return in Canada because you are a new Canadian resident, refer to Registration for New Residents of Canada.

When you enrol in MSP, you will receive a BC Services Card with a Personal Health Number (PHN), which allows you to access publicly funded health services in British Columbia.

If you or your spouse do not meet the eligibility requirements, other eligible members of your family can still register. If either you or your spouse do not have a Personal Health Number, you will need to register by phone.

When does Fair PharmaCare Coverage Begin?

The start date of your Fair PharmaCare coverage depends on your MSP coverage, the date you registered, and whether they are able to verify your income. The table below provides information for your situation.

When you are… Are you covered?
Not enrolled in MSP and not registered for Fair PharmaCare Your costs do not count towards your Fair PharmaCare deductible and cannot be reimbursed.
Enrolled in MSP but not registered for Fair PharmaCare Eligible costs for the current calendar year (from the later of January 1 or the date you enrolled in MSP) count towards your Fair PharmaCare deductible but cannot be reimbursed.
Enrolled in MSP and registered for Fair PharmaCare Eligible costs for the current calendar year count towards your deductible (from the later of the date you enrolled in MSP, the date you registered for Fair PharmaCare). After you meet your deductible, PharmaCare contributes to your additional eligible costs for the rest of the year.

Important: You cannot be reimbursed for costs from:

  • previous calendar years, regardless of when you registered for Fair PharmaCare
  • the current calendar year before the date you registered for the plan
  • the current calendar year if we are not able to verify your family net income before December 31
  • periods during which your MSP coverage was not active/valid

What You Need to Register

To register your family with Fair PharmaCare, you will need:
For all family members:

  • Personal Health Number (found on your BC Services Card/CareCard)
  • birth dates

For you and your spouse:

  • Social Insurance numbers
  • Net income from Line 236 of your income tax return from two years ago
  • The amount of any Universal Child Care Benefit (UCCB) payments you received two years ago. This amount is reported on Line 117 of your income tax return.
  • Any income from a Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP) you received two years ago. This amount is reported on Line 125 of your income tax return.

UCCB payments and RDSP income are deducted from your net income when calculating your level of Fair PharmaCare coverage.

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