NDT Industry National Training Trust Fund

                                  ** Pre-approvals are mandatory – see RULES AND REGULATIONS **

Nondestructive Testing is a crucial yet complex industry. As such, it is imperative that the personnel who operate in the industry must be correctly qualified and up-to-date in their training and education in order to carry out their duties.

The Collective Agreement between the Nondestructive Testing Management Association and the Quality Control Council of Canada outlines the provision for the Training Fund. For each hour worked, the employer makes a contribution to the NDT Industry National Training Trust Fund, which is used to reimburse eligible members for education, training and licensing related costs.

The NDT Industry National Training Trust Fund ensures that all QCC members throughout Canada receive the same level of access to training opportunities and no longer have regional restrictions or discrepancies on what is covered.

The new NDT Industry National Training Fund RULES AND REGULATIONS / RÈGLES ET RÈGLEMENTS define the expenses eligible for reimbursement under the plan.  You are required to seek PRE-APPROVAL BEFORE taking any courses.

If you have any further questions after reviewing the RULES AND REGULATIONS / RÈGLES ET RÈGLEMENTS please feel free to contact the TRAINING FUND ADMINISTRATOR.



Information Needed to Complete the Form

The procedure for submitting expenses to the Training Fund are outlined on the Application for Reimbursement forms and RULES AND REGULATIONS / RÈGLES ET RÈGLEMENTS. In order to ensure that your claim is eligible, you should contact the TRAINING FUND ADMINISTRATOR prior to incurring your expense. The administrator can also tell you what information is required in order to be reimbursed for eligible claims. Claims must be mailed in along with ORIGINAL RECEIPTS.

Do not submit expenses to the Training Fund on any other forms except the NDT Industry National Training Fund Forms below or they will not be processed.

NTF Pre-Approval F1 Application / Demande de Pré-approbation

NTF Training Courses – F2 Application for Reimbursement / Demande de Remboursement – Cours

NTF Exams and Workshops – F3 Application for Reimbursement / Demande de Remboursement pour Examens et Ateliers

NTF Renewals – F4 Application for Reimbursement / Demande de Remboursement pour des Renouvellements

NTF Recertification Exams and Workshops – F5 App for Reimbursement / Demande de Remboursement pour Examens et Atelier de Recertification

NTF Rules and Regulations / NTF Règles et Règlements

NEW! Renewal and Recertification FAQ’s

Natural Resources Canada has implemented long anticipated changes to the recertification requirements. Please review the NRCan’s FAQ bulletin that they put together to answer common questions associated with Renewal and Recertification.

National Recertification Program (NRP)

QCCC National Training Society / NDT Industry National Training Trust Fund

The QCCC National Training Society (NTS) has been selected by Natural Resources Canada (NRCan), in a competitive bid process to provide specific Recertification examination services. This is good news that allows the NTS to expand our Approved Examination Center (AEC) capabilities to provide not only written certification exams, but also practical recertification exams for members requiring recertification in the high-demand methods of MT/PT/UT. This new service will be provided at all 3 centers including Edmonton, Hamilton and Saint John commencing September 2018.

Coincidentally, a National Recertification Program has been created by the NDT Industry National Training Trust Fund (NTF) to aid the QCC and NDT Management Association members to meet their requirements for Recertification. This is a jointly funded initiative that will be managed by the QCCC NTS. Its stated goal is to have as many members as possible recertify with as little interruption to the Unionized NDT Industry as possible. It has been agreed to fund the hiring of a Program Coordinator and the purchase of two sets the exam samples from NRCan. The mandate of the Coordinator will be to assist members achieve recertification in any or all five of the methods. The Coordinator’s job will be to maximum utilization of NTS locations for workshops and exams, but to use other AEC’s across Canada as the circumstances dictate.

A full-time Coordinator has been hired by the NTS to manage this National Recertification Program and work with the members to ensure their recertification requirements are achieved in most efficient and cost-effective manner.  We are pleased to announce the hiring of Sharon Bond as the Coordinator for the Recertification Program.  Sharon will be working out of Hamilton but will be coordinating all the workshops and exams related to the recertification for members across Canada.  The Coordinator will work with members to develop a recertification plan that deals with the number of tickets, requirement for workshop exam preparation, best location for exams, and generally ensure a professional process is in place for members to engage and feel confident in maintaining their desired certifications in any or all the 5 methods.

A great acquisition for the NTS team, Sharon will provide a strong foundation for the NTS as it expands into the area of practical examinations. Sharon will be very busy setting up the program, contacting all our members requiring recertification and arranging for workshops and exams for members; we ask for your full cooperation with her in this major undertaking.

The NTS/NTF are developing a communication strategy to ensure all members are clear on how this program will work as well as the rules associated with this program that the NTF Trustees agree to and which will be administered by DA Townley.  Please watch for further announcements on the QCCC website or contact the NTS or DA Townley for additional assistance on program details and reimbursement policies respectively.

The NTS exists to assist with all your training and examination needs and please do contact us for any assistance that you may require.  The staff of the NTS are totally committed to a practical skills training experience and much more of a hands-on approach in all our programs.  We have hired competent and experienced instructors and purchased the latest equipment to meet these objectives.  You are welcome at our schools and we take pride in providing these services to you!

General Recertification Announcement

National Recertification Program News Flash

New Recertification Requirements Coming Down the Pipe

Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) is implementing long-awaited recertification changes. These are necessary to ensure Canadian NDT techs comply with the agreed ISO 9712 standard.

Who is Affected?

Every Canadian NDT tech with CGSB certifications in MT/PU/UT/RT/ET that are at least 10 years old have already received or will be receiving notification from NRCan that they will have to complete recertification.

Members who last names begin with G through to M must complete their exams by their 2020 birthday., those with last names N to Z in 2021, and those A to F in 2022.

Is Recertification Necessary?

Yes. All those who have received notification from NRCan have to recertify. If a member does not recertify, their tickets will no longer be valid, and they will have to go through the whole certification process to reobtain the ticket.

What Will Recertification Cost?

Qualified members will have renewal and recertification costs covered by the National Training Fund (NTF). Reasonable travel and expense-related costs will also be covered. See the NDT Industry NTF Trust Fund Rules and Regulations for details of what expenses are covered.

What’s Next?

The NTF, in conjunction with the QCCC and the NDTMA, has developed a National Recertification Program which will be managed by the NTS. The program is structured to guide members through the recertification process, and provide exams and practical  workshops beginning in Fall 2018. Exams and workshops will be provided at the QCCC National Training Society’s Edmonton, Hamilton or Saint John locations, as well as other NRCan-approved facilities.

What Do I Need to Do?

Please watch your inbox for further announcements and visit the QCCC website for updates.

For more information please visit our website at www.qcccanada.com or give us a call at 780-488-3455 ext 1 to find out more.

Come visit us any time at 10403 172 St NW – Suite 120 A in Edmonton and see what the Union is doing for you in supporting your training and development needs.  You can also call the NTS office at 780-488-3455 ext 1 or email us at nts@qcccanada.com for more immediate assistance and direction.

The NTS exists for your benefit; take that first big step and contact us. HELP is our business and you deserve the best!

National Training Society Highlights 

News Flash #2

NDT Industry Health Benefit Plan

As an eligible member of our benefit plan, you and your family are protected from the high cost of prescription drugs, emergency medical treatment, dental expenses and wage loss when you are disabled and unable to work. The Plan is intended to bring a greater peace of mind and an increased feeling of security to you and your family.

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NDT Industry Pension Plan

As an eligible member of our pension plan, you can take comfort in knowing our pension plan is supporting the founders of our industry and providing a valued source of income for those who helped build this industry to what it is today. The Plan is a multi-employer defined contribution pension plan and all money contributed to the Plan is held in trust on your behalf.

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Training Fund

The QCC and NDTMA jointly administer an industry training fund which reimburses training and certification costs for member technicians. The Training Fund promotes constant education and upgrading of the QCC Members.

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Employer / Contractor Section

See this section for information and instructions on how to remit to the Plan(s) as a signatory contractor or employer.

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