Eligible Expenses / Déspenses Admissibles

The NDT Industry National Training Fund Rules and Regulations define the expenses eligible for reimbursement under the Plan.

Members are encouraged to review the new NDT Industry National Training Trust Fund RULES AND REGULATIONS and specifically reminded of the requirement to seek pre-approval BEFORE taking any courses.

Pre-Approvals from the Regional Training Funds will be honoured by the NDT Industry National Training Trust Fund and all reimbursement applications in the system will be processed without interruption.

If you have any further questions after reviewing the “Rules and Regulations” please feel free to contact the TRAINING FUND ADMINISTRATOR.

Dépenses Admissibles

Les nouvelles règles et règlements du Fonds National d’Fiducie pour la Formation de l’Industrie d’END définissent les dépenses admissibles au remboursement en vertu du régime.

Les membres sont encouragés à examiner les nouvelles Règles et Règlements du Fonds National d’Fiducie pour la Formation de l’Industrie d’END et se souviennent expressément de l’obligation de demander une approbation préalable avant de suivre des cours.

Les approbations préalables des Fonds régionaux de formation seront honorées par le Fonds National d’Fiducie pour la Formation de l’Industrie d’END et toutes les demandes de remboursement dans le système seront traitées sans interruption.

Si vous avez d’autres questions après avoir examiné les « Règles et Règlements », n’hésitez pas à communiquer avec l’ADMINISTRATEUR DU FONDS DE FORMATION.

NDT Industry Health Benefit Plan

As an eligible member of our benefit plan, you and your family are protected from the high cost of prescription drugs, emergency medical treatment, dental expenses and wage loss when you are disabled and unable to work. The Plan is intended to bring a greater peace of mind and an increased feeling of security to you and your family.

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NDT Industry Pension Plan

As an eligible member of our pension plan, you can take comfort in knowing our pension plan is supporting the founders of our industry and providing a valued source of income for those who helped build this industry to what it is today. The Plan is a multi-employer defined contribution pension plan and all money contributed to the Plan is held in trust on your behalf.

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Training Fund

The QCC and NDTMA jointly administer an industry training fund which reimburses training and certification costs for member technicians. The Training Fund promotes constant education and upgrading of the QCC Members.

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Employer / Contractor Section

See this section for information and instructions on how to remit to the Plan(s) as a signatory contractor or employer.

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