The following are the most commonly asked questions by employer regarding the NDT Industry Health Benefit Plan and Pension Plan. If you still have questions after reading this information, please contact the PLAN ADMINISTRATOR.

When is an employer required to take dues deductions from employees?

The employer shall deduct monthly, from each employee’s pay, the amount of regular dues as established by the Council. Deductions will be made from the first pay cheque issued to the employee each month and monthly thereafter.

How does an employer calculate the amount of monthly remittance?

The employer should use the contribution report to calculate the amount of remittance due each month. A sample remittance report for each region has been included as a reference. Ensure that you reference the sample remittance report specific to your region as the remittance rates vary by region.

What is the difference between worked hours and earned hours?

Worked hours are the actual amount of hours worked. Earned hours are the total hours for which an employee is paid.

Are the working dues calculated on the gross or net earnings?

Gross earnings should be used.

Are the administration dues calculated on the gross or net earnings?

Gross earnings should be used.

Is there a minimum contribution required on the remittance report?

Yes. The minimum contributions of any employer to the pension fund, training fund, administration fund, field dues, union dues, health and welfare fund and all other required payments shall be based on a minimum of 173 hours per month working time for at least one employee.

When is an employer required to make dues contributions?

All remittances, including dues, administration funds, health and welfare contributions, training funds and pension contributions, shall be remitted not later than the 20th day of the following month.

Are there damages to be paid for late contributions?

Yes. There shall be a 10% assessment for remittances not received within 3 days after the 20th of the month.

In addition, audit, administration, collection and arbitration costs authorized by the Trustees shall be paid by the employer when the proper remittances are not paid.

If I fax the remittance report before the 20th of the month, but send the cheque in late, will I be assessed?

Yes. Both the cheque and the report must be received by the 20th of the month in order to avoid being assessed.

Is an employer required to post any security to cover damages or costs that may arise due to late or non-payment of contributions?

Yes. All employers shall post with the Administrator and maintain a $5000 bond or irrevocable letter of credit or a cash deposit in a form agreed between the NDTMA and QCCC. This security shall be forfeited to a maximum of the amount due including liquidated damages, audit, collection, administration and arbitration costs in the case of late payment or non-payment of the required remittances.

How long must the bond, letter of credit or cash deposit remain in effect?

The bond, letter of credit or cash shall be returned to the employer after two years if the employer has made all required remittances within the proper timelines. The employer shall be required to re-instate the security if any remittances are late for two occurrences within any 12-month period. Failure to re-instate the required security within 7 days shall be grievable and the full cost of any arbitration to enforce the re-instatement shall be paid by the employer.

NDT Industry Health Benefit Plan

As an eligible member of our benefit plan, you and your family are protected from the high cost of prescription drugs, emergency medical treatment, dental expenses and wage loss when you are disabled and unable to work. The Plan is intended to bring a greater peace of mind and an increased feeling of security to you and your family.

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NDT Industry Pension Plan

As an eligible member of our pension plan, you can take comfort in knowing our pension plan is supporting the founders of our industry and providing a valued source of income for those who helped build this industry to what it is today. The Plan is a multi-employer defined contribution pension plan and all money contributed to the Plan is held in trust on your behalf.

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Training Fund

The QCC and NDTMA jointly administer an industry training fund which reimburses training and certification costs for member technicians. The Training Fund promotes constant education and upgrading of the QCC Members.

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Employer / Contractor Section

See this section for information and instructions on how to remit to the Plan(s) as a signatory contractor or employer.

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