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Welcome to the NDT Industry Health Benefit Plan and Pension Plan home page.

What is the NDT Industry?
The Non-Destructive Testing Industry plays a key function within the Construction Industry in Canada. The Industry is comprised of highly specialized technicians who ensure that building materials, fabrication and joining processes and new repairs meet strict industry standards. Specialized means such as radiography (x-ray), ultrasound, magnetic particle inspection and liquid penetrant are used to evaluate areas that are difficult or impossible to examine using the naked eye. This equipment allows the technicians to detect such things as internal corrosion or evaluate the integrity of a welded structure.

In accordance with the Collective Agreement between the Non-Destructive Testing Management Association and the Quality Control Council of Canada, a Group Insurance Plan and a Pension Plan have been arranged by the Board of Trustees and administered by D.A. Townley

This web site is designed to provide fast and easy access to information for eligible Members of the NDT Industry Health Benefit Plan and the NDT Pension Plan. The site provides the ability to:

  • Access online versions of the Group Insurance Plan booklet and Pension Plan booklet
  • Print out all necessary Health Benefit and Pension Plan forms. (You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer, as all forms are posted in PDF format.)
  • View frequently asked questions (FAQs) regarding your Plans.
  • Find contact information to have any additional questions answered.
Click on a tab above to go directly to information on your Health Benefit or Pension Plans.

Note: This web site provides details of Benefit Plans, but is not a legal document. In the event of any conflict between the contents of this web site and the actual Plans and contracts or regulations, the provisions outlined in those documents apply.

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